Can Of Yams;
Orange Cherry-blossoms;
Anonymous whispered:
Omg, thanks for the advice. I'm just nervous about wearing to much or messing up or have people say I'm trying to hard with make up. Again sorry for the bother but have any good you tuber you would recommend?

Nahh just experiment, try out what works for you, sometimes you’ll look ridiculous, other times you’ll look amazing, and I don’t have any to recommend in particular

Anonymous whispered:
Hey, this is kinda embarrassing for me to ask a girl in her sophomore year in high school but wear can I learn about makeup? Your makeup is always great so do you know anywhere where I can just start something basic? I wear makeup sometimes when my friends help me with my cosplay so I literately know nothing. Thanks so much if you can help.

Well if you want to learn how to do makeup YouTube makeup tutorials will be your best friend, there are soooooo many videos on there and they taught me everything I know

But don’t be embarrassed! I didn’t know how to do makeup until I was a sophomore too (but then I wore waaay too much lol)

Yesss first day of beauty school

spicytaconuts whispered:
So I was going through your "my face" tag bc I genuinely love your face and cosplay, right? And I saw where you wanted people to tell you cheesy pick-up lines, so here goes nothing: Hey baby, are you Kraft singles, cuz this pickup line is cheesy ;)


Soo um.. About that bread?? Um.. *swallows* well you see, um. I was just wondering uh. *smiles nervously* if maybe I could inquire on uh *smiles slightly and scratches back of neck* what's your favorite bread? *practically winces for the last part.*

white bread


ugh adulthood is hitting me like a brick wall

college, student loans, out of pocket expenses, car, gas prices, bills, work, i had to go to the store to buy a plunger to unclog a toilet today for the first time ever, why didn’t we have a plunger before this?? i have to buy necessities now and that terrifies me

Anonymous whispered:
Hello splendid otherworldly celestial with radiant, entrancing eyes and dazzlingly sublime hair, alluring magnificent hands, ethereally exquisite thoughts, and charmingly fascinating words.

now that’s a compliment


list of cool things to call me (not cute)

  • celestial
  • exquisite
  • ethereal
  • sublime
  • otherworldly
  • alluring
  • magnificent
  • charming
  • fascinating
  • splendid
  • dazzling
  • entrancing
  • radiant
Anonymous whispered:
I just saw your beast boy cosplay and for some reason I thought it was maisie Williams

Yeah…I get that a lot

Anonymous whispered:
You go to anime milwaukee?? I live about a half hour west of milwaukee, and my mom's boyfriend works at the hotel where it is!

well actually this is gonna be my first year! thats awesome!