Can Of Yams;
Orange Cherry-blossoms;


Marie is my favorite Kanker Sister….probably my favorite ed edd n eddy character tbh

so does this mean that i should actually complete this cosplay? because i will if enough people think i should

I’m not mean. I’m a thousand years old, and I just lost track of my moral code.” 


Just four of many pictures of Homestucks I’ve taken at Tokyo in Tulsa. They were all marvelous! Hope to see them again soon!
(I’ll post more later. There was a limit, I guess, for me.)
Feferi: pastelpillcosplays
Meulin: speeddemoning
Wounded!Vriska: angeldictator
Psii: geminihoneybee

Anonymous whispered:
Are you going to Boston comic-con!? (^∇^)

oh no, i wish, i only go to cons in the midwest (aka mostly Illinois) and ill probs be going to con in Oklahoma more often but thats about it :/




I was Flame Prince ar ACen and got this picture with an amazing Flame Princess and just remembered this picture existed.

Woaahh lookit these flame babies
How cute are they
Lookit dat flame prince wooooaaahhhhhhhh
Kiss their face and get burned

is the flame princess ~ :3


you were such a lovely Flame Prince and i wished i wouldve been able to talk to you all before you left ;u;

Anonymous whispered:
What material did you use for your Professor Chaos cape? I hope you don't mind me asking.

i actually dont know, i just picked it off the shelf at jo-annes cause i liked it


So I’m hella broke because of my car and school is coming up and i have to be able to get at least 3 classes, so I am opening commissions. ouo

  • Sketch: $2
  • Colored sketch: $4
  • Line Art: $8
  • Flat Colors: $12
  • Finished: $18

If you want two characters it be $30 for both, fully colored. :3

Payments can be made through: Paypal/Chase

[If you’re not interested it be totally rad if you could just reblog it for me to get it around. Thanks!]

Etsy shop

(Chibi Commission)

its-ultra-idiot whispered:
You'd make a good rei... But you'd also make a good nagisa/nitori. Why not both?

not both because im broke ;n; and i have a lot of other cosplays to do i just wanna be one gay swimming dweeb

id be nagisa or nitori if someone taller than me would cosplay rei or rin

sad because i wanna cosplay rei from that gay swimming anime because hes my bae but i wouldnt be a good rei ;n; id be a better nagisa or nitori or maybe even momotarou…idk 


Some pictures from Anime Midwest. You can tag yourself if you are one of the cosplayers. :)

im flame princess and pb is bakamonocosplay