Can Of Yams;
Orange Cherry-blossoms;

omg i was an ugly kid

i look like arya…but my mom looks like cersei :|

ughhh i need to order my terezi wig and make my dragon shorts and ill finally be done with that cosplay….but im sooooo lazy

thank you tobiaslandexpress for making this adorable pixel mini me!


Flame Princess and Lumpy Space Princess - Anime Midwest 


because why not!

ok i love too many people so here

special nuts

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a quick note to these people: thank you for being amazing, incredible inspirations to me. i love you all so so much <3


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and a quick message to everyone else tagged: wow okay A+ blog like damn. thanks for being a wonderful artist/cosplayer/person!! id totally love to talk to you n be friends (like woa) but yea!!

sorry for the long post kinda

i always wonder if a friend drifts away from me in life, if its because they’ve become a protagonist and have a secret life and need to keep me safe so they try to stay away from me

wow that amazing fantastic feeling when your queer ship actually gets together..

Anonymous whispered:
describe YOUR crush

uh i dont really have one, i just have 2 small crushes on some people i know (but its more admiration than anything cause theyre really good cosplayers)